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Society11 is the name of an internet marketing group.  The reason it is number “11” is because at the time the associated domain name was registered – 11 happened to be available.

Nothing sinister.  No read across from numerals to letters.

Just a Society whose Members who adhere to the ethos of ethical and honest marketing.

This video was made as part of an informal competition within Society11.  It made the short list of contenders!  
image Mini Video Pages Society11 Link

The two chaps who run Society11 started a “Full Review” Live broadcast service on 7th October 2020.  The promotional video is posted on Youtube at  
Fair Warning – Not for those who are easily offended or dislike use of “direct” language.
If you want a taste of what S11 is about – you can get a flavour from the Society11 Public FB Group.
  Mini Video Pages Society11 Link
Disclaimer :  Whilst Chris (the creator of Mini Video Pages ™) is a Founder Member of Society11 (“S11”) no endorsement of this video by S11 should be inferred.

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