I’ve Just Built Something Awesome!

Creating a good quality video is now easier than ever.
However, the video-making apps and software available today make it too easy to dismiss Video Post Production.

But it’s Not Advisable To Do So

Video Post Production makes a real difference.
Hang on a second, what’s Video Post Production?
It’s how you DISPLAY and PRESENT your video masterpieces once you’ve created them.
Kindly explain more…
Think of a picture hanging in an Art Gallery.
It’s the way it’s positioned, how it’s framed and how it’s illuminated that delivers the punch the artist wanted you to feel.
And that’s what you’re going to learn today.
How to deliver that same all-important “punch” with your videos.
Especially on mobile devices, because that’s where most people you want to view your video messages are going to see them!
I’m going to show you how to STOP them scrolling and MAKE them take notice of what YOU have to say!

Introducing: Mini Video Pages™

I’m Chris Davis, I live on the beautiful Greek Island of KOS and I create online promotions for local businesses here on the island.
Like you, I wanted to present my videos so they grabbed attention FAST, but, I was frustrated with the normal video player limitations.
They just wouldn’t allow me to create the visual impact I wanted.
So, I experimented long and hard with video Post Production techniques until I eventually “cracked it” and developed a way of taking full control of video PRESENTATION.

I’ve called it Mini Video Pages™

Mini Video Pages are designed to make an instant impact, especially when presenting video on mobile devices.
Now, I’m no longer restricted by the frustrating limitations and I’m sharing these unique Post-Production techniques with you so you can get your videos really working for you too.
My new course, “How to create Mini Video Pages™” takes you step-by-step through the entire process with X tutorial videos.
If you prefer to read, the entire course is also included as a written PDF, complete with screenshots, as an instant download inside your member’s area.
Whatever you’re making your videos for, once you understand my post-processing techniques, a mini video page will take your creativity to a whole new level; by using some of the VERY cool features available:

Tap Scan Click.”: A way for viewers to access your website, menu, or any other link you want them to see, instantly.
“QR Codes.”: An essential function during these social distancing times.
Frames.”: Play your video inside any shape, releasing you from the normal “square” or “landscape” restrictions of a standard embedded video.
4th Dimension.“: Break free from player size restrictions. Create your MiniVideoPage to fit your videos. You no longer have to force them into the sizes and ratios everyone else accepts as “the norm”.
All this and more is explained inside “How to Create Mini Video Pages.”
It’s time for YOUR videos, to move up to the next level… Click the button on this page, Right Now! And join me inside the Member’s Area.
BUY BUTTON I look forward to sharing my unique post-processing discoveries with you! We’ll see you inside.