Enigmatic is a style of video I’d not seen on social media (September 2021).

It was inspired by the Enigma machine ciphers.

The references in it are to vi714.  That is the original format in which the video was created.

vi714  – or Video Initiative 714 to give it its full name – is a social-media-first approach to making videos.

vi714 sprang from the work done on Mini Videos Pages.

714 refers to the height and width in pixels that provide (as at 2021) the optimal timeline size on most mainstream social media channels.

It is a departure from the more commonly used 1080 x 1080 pixel dimensions.  Reducing the size of images and videos offers several benefits – less computing power, small files sizes and the time taken in production.

See more about the vi714 format at https://videoinitiative714.com and https://vi714.com