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PLENTY of Courses Show You How to CREATE Your Video.

NONE Show You How to PRESENT it Online Once it’s Complete!

You’ve worked hard creating your video

But now you’ve got a problem…

How Do You Make It Stand Out From The Crowd?

The answer is found in the video “Post-Processing”.

Post-Processing lets you take full control of online video presentation AFTER the creation process is complete. But amazingly…

It’s the exact vital information ALL video courses fail to include!

They focus on video CREATION, not video PRESENTATION and they leave some big questions unanswered.

Let’s take a look at the problem:

> Where will your video be seen? > What will it look like on a web page? > What will it look like on a mobile device? > How will it stand out from the crowd? > How will it really grab attention?

And… Where can I find answers to these questions?!

I’ve looked hard for information and courses about PRESENTING video content on the web to use myself.

Guess what?

There were None, Nada, Zilch…

So I’ve done something about it!


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I’m Chris Davis, I live on the beautiful Greek Island of KOS and I create online promotions for local businesses here on the island.

Today I’m going to help you make YOUR videos stand out from the crowd.

Like you, I wanted to present my videos so they grabbed attention FAST, but, I was frustrated with the normal video player limitations. They just wouldn’t allow me to create the visual impact I wanted.

So, I experimented long and hard with video Post-Processing techniques until I eventually “cracked it” and developed a way of taking full control of video PRESENTATION.

I’ve called it Mini Video Pages™

Mini Video Pages are designed to make an instant impact, especially when presenting video on mobile devices.

Now, I’m no longer restricted by the frustrating limitations and I’m sharing these unique Post-Processing techniques with you so you can get your videos really working for you too. 

My new course, “How to create Mini Video Pages™” takes you step-by-step through the entire process with X tutorial videos.

If you prefer to read, the entire course is also included as a written PDF, complete with screenshots, as an instant download inside your member’s area.