Your Videos Don’t Grab
Instant Attention.
(Answer revealed below)
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There are over One Billion video views on mobile devices every day*.

To stand out, your video must capture attention FAST!

And, right now yours are just not doing it!

Watch video A. Watch Video B.
Which one grabs your eyeballs??

It’s “B” of course!


Hi, I’m Chris Davis,
Today I’m going to show you exactly how to take your videos from “A” to “B” and get them working for you as they should!

Introducing Mini Video Pages™

Watch this first.
How YOUR videos will look on mobile devices as soon as tomorrow. 

Most viewers watch your videos on mobiles.
They have to turn them sideways to watch in full-screen mode and…

Attention Instantly Lost

That’s your problem…  which means the message in your videos isn’t getting delivered!
Here’s the solution… From today, you’re going to get smart and start presenting your videos using:

Mini Video Pages™
Which means you will immediately…

Dominate The Mobile  Screen.

Instantly Grab Attention.

  Get The Message in Your Videos Delivered!

( By the way, they’ll work beautifully on desktops and laptops for you too!)
How To Create Mini Video Pages Course
How to create Mini Video Pages™ takes you step-by-step through the entire process with seven tutorial videos.

Mini Video Pages Course

There’s also a step-by-step PDF version with screenshots ready for you to download inside your member’s area.
Whatever you’re making your videos for, learning how to display them using mini video pages will launch your creativity to a whole new level!
You’ll be the one standing out from the crowd.
Here are some of the VERY cool features you’ll learn inside and can start using immediately:

Tap Scan Click.”: A way for viewers to access your website, menu, or any other link you want them to see, instantly.

QR Codes.“: An essential function during these social distancing times.

Frames.”: Play your video inside any shape, releasing you from the normal “square” or “landscape” restrictions of a standard embedded video.

4th Dimension.“: Break free from player size restrictions. Create your MiniVideoPage to fit your videos. You no longer have to force them into the sizes and ratios everyone else accepts as “the norm”.

It’s time your videos started bringing home the bacon!

Click Here Now to See Even More Examples of
Mini Video Pages in Action


“I’ve been using Mini Video Pages for all my client’s video marketing on the beautiful Greek Island of KOS, since I developed the method.
Here (pandemic permitting) it’s vital for businesses to grab the attention of island visitors as fast as possible.
It’s a very competitive market and you have to get noticed quickly.
Visitors are using mobile ‘phones to search for information as soon as they land on the island, so if they see yours first, you’ve got their business!
That’s exactly WHY I created the Mini Video Pages method.
To deliver MY client’s messages, before potential customers are lost to a competitor.
Now YOU can make the same impact with YOUR own videos and raise the game for YOUR clients too.”

I look forward to seeing your results.
I’ll see you on the inside.

Thank You, Chris


Click Here Now to See Even More Examples of
Mini Video Pages in Action

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