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Mini Video Pages : About us

Mini Video Pages came into being on 1st May 2020.   They were an evolution of “One Topic Video Pages” (otvps.com)  and “One Topic Video Mini Pages” (otvmps.com).
Brief History
These had been created by Chris Davis (the guy that’s writing this) because I wanted to host and present my own, non-standard sized videos.  I couldn’t find anything on the web – so I created my own “thing”.
I had the good fortune to be a user of Dan Nickerson’s Socrates WordPress Theme and Toolkit Plugin.  A function within the Toolkit Plugin gave me a tool with the flexibility I was seeking.   The Theme was also flexible enough to provide the functionality I wanted to “wrap” the videos.
In June 2020 Dan released his Acme WordPress theme – based on Socrates – which offered enhanced speeds.  Most Mini Video Pages sites were moved over to this new theme.
Unique and New Causes Problems
You may wondering why this is a page of text rather than a video.
Well – to be perfectly honest – it was (and at the time of writing was still) difficult to convey what Mini Video Pages are.  I put together some “How To” training.  Initial feedback showed that it took a couple of days to fully appreciate the concept.  But that once grasped – minds were set buzzing as to possibilities they offer.
I’ve added some social media links – which is where most of the public examples reside.  Also a list of example pages on this and allied sites.
The Immediate Future (Summer 2020)
The enormous potential of Mini Video Pages has led to a partnership with Paul Carr, Michael Holthuysen and Rob Maggs.
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